Isthmus has mastered the Art and Science of Workers Compensation Management.

For companies in virtually every industry across Canada, Isthmus is the leading authority in managing injury claims.


Through the culmination of intense focus, vast knowledge, strong collaboration and years of experience, Isthmus has mastered what no other legal entity can offer: the indivisible Art and Science of effective claims management. The proof is in our efficient and hard hitting results-driven claims management solution called the Integrated Advocacy Program (IAP).


More and more organizations in a wide range of industries across the country are turning to Isthmus Legal as one of the undisputed authorities in workers compensation issues. We listened to what these companies had to say and examined their situations closely until we fully understood what it would take to address their needs and wants.

Isthmus answered these issues with a total integrated workers compensation solution called the Integrated Advocacy Program (IAP). With our IAP solution, your organization can tackle any workers compensation file – from the most trivial case to the toughest one your business has ever faced. By implementing a structured long-term claims management solution, the IAP can significantly reduce workers compensation costs while increasing your company’s profitability.

No matter how hard you try to prevent them, injuries will continue to happen. When they do, rely on Isthmus Legal to handle your workplace injury claims. We’ll help protect both your company’s bottom line and your reputation as an organization that treats its employees fairly.

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