About Isthmus Legal

Isthmus Legal is a fully bilingual Canadian law firm and consultancy that specializes in Workers Compensation Claims Management.

Our unique Integrated Advocacy Program (IAP) demystifies the workers compensation system, significantly reduces workers compensation costs, increases operational efficiencies and offers your business a complete 360-degree claims management solution.

Our best-in-class Isthmus IAP has been deployed in all provinces, among hundreds of clients and across a wide range of industries.

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Mission Statement

We work tirelessly to provide a compelling and proven claims management solution. We listen, anticipate and respond. We deliver results and total peace of mind for our most important asset – Our clients.


What we do

  • Provide disability management services to employers across Canada
  • Manage both workplace and non-workplace injury claims
  • Significantly reduce an employer’s claims costs
  • Ensure timelines and processes are met for any claim from start to finish
  • Advocate on behalf of employers at all appeal and tribunal levels
  • Deliver comprehensive financial analyses and projections
  • Provide proactive reporting and communication to employers on claims progress and status
  • Ensure that injured workers reach optimal health
  • Achieve the best possible resolution for all concerned parties

How we got here

The Isthmus team understands how confusing and labour-intensive the workers compensation system can be. What’s more, workplace injuries can be financially punitive for Canadian employers who attempt to manage this process on their own. On the other side of the case is the injured worker, who is also going through a very confusing, scary, emotional and frustrating experience.

Isthmus was quick to identify that these stresses caused many employers to make a few common errors. First, employers were separating the law from the claims management process. Second, employers were delegating the “non-legal elements” of a claim to their internal resources or an external provider, while entrusting the “legal elements” of a claim to either legal professionals or unqualified internal staff who were brought in much too late in the process.

In short, these employers were breaking the claims management process into two halves instead of keeping it as one seamless progression. This often revealed the shortcomings of certain law firms and claims management experts, resulting in tremendous frustration due to lack of effectiveness.

Bridging the gap with Isthmus Legal

The Isthmus team had an epiphany. We realized that the workers compensation system and workers injury claims files need not be so scary, confusing and expensive for employers across Canada. On the contrary, if these employers were to implement effective, compassionate, collaborative, results-driven processes and workplace compensation strategies – while keeping the legal components deeply intertwined and uninterrupted within the claims management process – all of the frustrations and concerns related to workplace injury claims could be significantly reduced.

We concluded that the two halves just cannot operate independently of each other and must:

  • Operate together in order to enhance the entire process
  • Create a comprehensive solution to claims management issues
  • Drive the strongest results possible

In other words, employers need One Vision, One Voice, One Expert. Employers need the Isthmus Legal IAP.