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Lindsay McDonnellWelcome

Is injury management really HR’s responsibility?

November 13, 2015 As the workers’ compensation system becomes increasingly complex, many HR professionals are dedicating an excessive amount of time to managing employee injuries – but should industry leaders focus on their core competencies …

Lindsay McDonnellIs injury management really HR’s responsibility?

The importance of early intervention

November 12, 2015 A new report by a leading economics centre is encouraging employers to act quickly – and continuously – when it comes to employee injuries, rehabilitation and return to work initiatives. The Centre …

Lindsay McDonnellThe importance of early intervention

Why claims management is at the core of your company culture

November 11, 2015 No discerning HR professional ever takes a workplace injury lightly but could some leaders still be underestimating its potential impact? HRM spoke to one industry expert who said proper claims management isn’t …

Lindsay McDonnellWhy claims management is at the core of your company culture

How much do workplace injuries really cost?

November 10, 2015 Workers’ Compensation offers some financial protection to employers who are faced with an employee claim but there are a whole host of indirect costs that insurance doesn’t necessarily cover. From lost productivity …

Lindsay McDonnellHow much do workplace injuries really cost?

Workplace injuries make $19-billion dent

November 9, 2015 Workplace injuries may be prevalent in certain industries but no organization is truly exempt and studies show Canadian employers are battling a widespread, increasingly expensive, epidemic. According to the Association of Workers’ …

Lindsay McDonnellWorkplace injuries make $19-billion dent

Working with proposed WSIB changes

September 4, 2015 Employers in Ontario are anticipating a significant change in the workplace injury insurance system. Broadly speaking, we at Isthmus Legal recommend that employers in Ontario focus on four main areas with respect …

Lindsay McDonnellWorking with proposed WSIB changes

Change management to play big role in WSIB reform

September 3, 2015 Most HR professionals keep abreast of anything that could impact the way businesses operate – including the proposed changes to WSIB. Unfortunately, a number of employers have been brushing aside the coming …

Lindsay McDonnellChange management to play big role in WSIB reform

WSIB claim changes could result in ‘double dipping’

September 2, 2015 Under the current WSIB system in Ontario, employers fit into one of three categories that determine how adjustments are calculated. Once the insurance board moves to its proposed system, employers will still …

Lindsay McDonnellWSIB claim changes could result in ‘double dipping’

WSIB changes raise litigation fears

September 1, 2015 Many of the WSIB’s proposed changes, which will impact every business in Ontario, are an effort to move the current system closer to the more commonly used North American Industry Classification System …

Lindsay McDonnellWSIB changes raise litigation fears

Preparation is key for WSIB changes

August 31, 2015 And, according to Sandeep Jindal, legal counsel, and Michele Bruton, senior WCB financial analyst, for Isthmus Legal, preparation will be key for all employers in Ontario to get ahead of the changes. …

Lindsay McDonnellPreparation is key for WSIB changes