Integrated Advocacy Program (IAP)

The Integrated Advocacy Program is the service that distinguishes Isthmus Legal from the competition. By blending the art and science of both legal and consulting expertise, Isthmus Legal can offer a best-in-class claims management solution within your organization. No matter whether you operate at the local or national level, IAP will help you immediately implement a comprehensive, integrated solution for all your claims management challenges.

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Pillars of the IAP | Features and Benefits of IAP

Pillars of IAP


File Management and Administration Services

This pillar is “the engine” that takes work off of our clients’ desks – immediately and effectively.

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Workplace Injury Management for Return to Health and Return to Work

This is the “core pillar” that drives a claim in the appropriate direction and ultimately to a successful outcome.

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Claims Management and Legal Services

Consider this pillar to be the “expert hand” that drives claims success through analysis, application and compliance with the law.

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Financial Analysis, Reporting, Data Tracking and Analytics

This pillar is “the force” behind the scenes that ties the entire claims management process together.

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Isthmus Legal collects a tremendous amount of information throughout the entire IAP claims management process. Organizing, tracking, updating and reporting this information in a meaningful and useable way can be a difficult, complex and tedious process. However, Isthmus Legal has built a “best-in-class” case management software suite designed to handle all of the complex and high volume data management and reporting requirements of our clients.

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IAP will help you

care for the health of your employees.

save time.

reduce costs.

enjoy peace of mind.

Features and Benefits of IAP

Ultimate Peace of Mind

When you choose Isthmus Legal, you can feel confident and secure knowing that your workplace injury claims are being handled with precision, competency and speed in order to maximize your operational efficiency. We’ll advocate tirelessly on your behalf to bring you a complete solution to your workplace injury claim issues – all while mitigating claim costs.

Superior Legal Counsel

Workplace injury claim files require legal knowledge and documentation at every stage of a claim’s life. What’s more, the province of Ontario makes LSUC (Law Society of Upper Canada) licensing mandatory for consultants wishing to provide claims management services and appeal representation. To that end, Isthmus is a fully licensed member of the LSUC and applies the same superior legal standard, knowledge and application on every aspect of workplace injury claims management for all other provincial WCB files we manage – from start to finish.

Unmatched Nation-Wide Expertise

Each province has its own unique workers compensation legislation, board and experience rating programs, as well as procedures, processes, protocols and legislation. That requires expert knowledge of each jurisdiction and in both official languages. With Isthmus Legal, you’ll benefit from our legal expertise in every province and the close working relationship we’ve carefully fostered within each one. We are also one of the few law firms in this legal category that operates full CNESST management for clients operating or who have operations within the province of Quebec.

Our Fast Response Times

Response times are critical to your company’s financial and operational claims management success. However, being observant and responsive to all requisite timelines, while following up with all stakeholders can often slow the process down, resulting in financial implications to the client. Fortunately, we know how to navigate these waters effectively and efficiently so that information and deadlines are met and flow easily to help contain our clients’ claims costs and any opportunity for operational disruption.

Our Collaborative Team Approach

We offer you a one-stop solution. We do not outsource any aspect of the claims management process. There are no competing philosophies or strategies. Instead, you get a continuous, uninterrupted stream of information, strategy and claims resolution through a dedicated team of professionals, including:

  • Dedicated Account Manager: Clients’ main point of contact at Isthmus. Ensures the Isthmus team, on behalf of the client, is operating in a coordinated manner, consistent with the overall claims management strategy, vision and delivery of the IAP service
  • Licensed Claims Manager: Oversees and manages claim files from inception to closure while ensuring the strategic claims management process is consistent throughout the entire life of a claim
  • Senior Lawyer: Handles all escalated and complex claim files, all appeals and any legal issues within a claim
  • Return-to-Work Specialist: Coordinates suitable early and safe return-to-work programs, utilizes alternative dispute resolution techniques to ensure successful mediation, and handles all return-to-work and work transition mediations
  • Legal Assistant: Drafts, prepares and submits appropriate claims documentation and forms
  • Administrative Assistant: Ensures all administrative tasks are completed efficiently while managing and maintaining the filing system
  • Isthmus Analytics Team: Conducts data tracking and produces financial and analytic reports for clients nationally

Isthmus Legal takes an open and collaborative approach to each claim so that all members of the team are working together to arrive at the best possible outcome. Through open discussion and teamwork, this approach also fosters the highest level of quality and performance.

Consistently High Standards

Our rigorous standards of the legal profession are also applied to each IAP pillar. Please note that cherry-picking these pillars will not be nearly as effective as a strategic and coordinated plan of attack using all the pillars in an orchestrated and concentrated effort.

Our IAP pillars are designed to hold all stakeholders in the claim management process accountable, drive continuous momentum within the claims process and achieve the best possible outcome for the stakeholders involved. As a result, we consistently meet the highest standards in the industry.

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